The American Construction Way

When we started American Construction, we looked at things from the customers perspective and spent lots of time brainstorming all of the things that we didn’t like when dealing with contractors/construction companies. These were the main items that we came up with that we wanted to ensure we did correctly to make our customer experience flawless.

1. Communication

There is nothing worse than having a contractor with whom you can’t communicate with. Not answering phone calls, text, or email can really be frustrating when trying to ask questions, or just wanting to understand the status. Not only can this affect contractor-to-customer issues, but also the entire team working on the project. American Construction will always answer the phone and get back to clients. Communication is key to a successful project!

2. Producing High-Quality Work

American Construction takes pride in our work and ensure that we complete and deliver a superior project to the satisfaction of our customers. We want to ensure that when they pay for a specific service, that it’s executed with perfection so they do not need to have it re-done (and pay for it again).

3. Cleanliness

Time and time again, you will hear about how contractors and their crews leave behind a giant mess after they are done with their project and do not clean up; sometimes leaving behind materials, and dangerous items, such as broken glass, and nails all over the place. This leaves the client with a huge inconvenience and also another project of having to pick up after the work has been completed.

Cleanliness is extremely important to us at AC and we make sure that when the project is complete, everything is picked up, removed, and cleaned up. Homeowners hate having to pick up after a large group of people, who have left behind dangerous items, such as nails and broken glass.

4. Our Undivided Attention

Contractors are busy people, as they usually have multiple clients, and their phones are always ringing. American Construction always prioritizes all jobs with the exact same detail and focus. There is never a customer or job which is more important than another. We will also provide our customers with our undivided attention!


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