Why Choose American Construction

1. Experience
A good general contractor must not only understand how to complete the work, but also be extremely detailed and organized. While most general contractors hire subcontractors, it is imperative that they understand how to do the job themselves. The contractors are the ones that take responsibility, schedules the work and assures that every subcontractor completes their tasks on time and to the highest level of quality.
2. Reputation

When you get good service, you’re likely to tell your friends, relatives, co-workers and anyone else that asks. The reputation any professional has, including general contractors, is directly proportionate to the quality of the work and service that they offer.

3. Integrity
American Construction’s integrity is critical to our success. We will never over-charge a customer and will always do exactly what we say we will. We will also stand behind every aspect of the work that we oversee. Now that doesn’t mean that there won’t ever be a mistake made, it just means that we will work to rectify the situation quickly. In addition, we will act responsibly when it comes to keeping the work site organized and will dispose of trash properly.
4. Flexibility
This pertains both to the skill set and ability to alter schedules to complete the work. Construction projects can involve everything from building frames to plumbing, painting, roofing and window installation. We are not only able, but willing to take on every aspect of your project within the time frame that is agreed on. Even if that means working extra hours, weekends and even evenings, but that’s what being flexible is all about.
5. Listening Skills

Since it’s your home that is being built or remodeled, your voice should be the loudest. Our job is not to try to convince you to do it another way, it’s to do as you wish. Yes, sometimes there are things that are structurally impossible or cost-prohibitive to complete, but it’s our job as the contractor to explain why it cannot be done and offer an alternative that will work in a similar fashion.

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